Sunday, 9 December 2012

An Open Letter to the Peace Movement (by Roderick Long)

A consistent peace activist must be an anarchist. If you love peace, work for anarchy.

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  1. The person that wants to teach children, but isn't allowed because he has no diploma, the children that have to be tested for everything they learn, the person who is forced to hand his money to the poor, and the person who isn't supported because of suspected laziness... Isn't what we call evil, really just lack of trust? The person that carries a gun, because he has to defend himself, the military that occupies nations because of security concerns, the dog that bites out of fear. Mistrust is self perpetuating, the teacher mistrusts you, makes you do tests, coerces you, and the result is you mistrust the teacher.

    Abolishing government isn't an act of good when it is done out of mistrust. Rather you should change government to make it trusting. So no more taxes for example, government should trust the people to pay them voluntarily.