Friday, 6 May 2011

Trade is Made of Win (video)

Great new set of short videos presented by Prof. Art Carden.

Trade is Made of Win - Part 1: Wealth Creation

Trade is Made of Win - Part 2: Cooperation

Trade is Made of Win - Part 3: Conservation


  1. It's not trade people want to ban, it's restricting oneself to trade people want to ban. Restricting yourself to trade creates loss of wealth one could argue. If Fritz had a bad harvest and Lou felt no obligation to keep him alive, Fritz would die and his capability to produce food would go to waste.

    Trade produces wealth because it is a form of cooperation. When the cooperation increases in intensity, and there is trust and morality, all benefit. This means not being restricted to trade, and in fact at least aiming to transcend it.

  2. Or what if Fritz could either produce 1 corn a year, or could produce 1000 a year if he would have been supported for ten years by Lou.

    You could call Lou lazy and not support him, you could also supply him with a rich environment and plenty of means, and keep him from the pressure of keeping himself alive.

    It's a matter if do you trust people? I would say that if you trust people, they pay it back. You have to invest in people.