Sunday, 11 March 2012

Responses to my Government Explained video

The response to my latest video has been overwhelming. Thank you to everyone who liked, commented, shared it, etc! 32k views in just 4 days!

This post is a collection of some of the responses I have seen online.

A video response:

LIES : This video will make you rethink what you think you know to be true.

"I think it's probably the best video I've ever seen, as far as putting the government in a nutshell and really making you think about things."

Some places it is being shared and discussed:

Some selected Youtube comments:

"A great video to share and gently wake up family and friends. Awareness through humor."

"Do you find it strange that murder is a huge crime that is against the law, but by war it its justified. I find that strange, hypocritical and contradicting. And quite stupid. You can't kill unless they say so."

"you did my dreams come true in this!!! INFINITE THANX!"

"Absolutely Brilliant!"

"I have two words to sum up my reaction to this video: standing ovation."

"This video is excellent. I've often wondered what an alien, or someone from the future would think if they came to present day earth. Great premise."

"Best video I have ever seen."

"XD I laughed at the ending "...yeah that's pretty much government", I shouldn't though, it's sad :p"

"what can you not like about this video.?"

"Now, if only the masses would watch this video like they blindly watched that stupid Kony video, we could all actually live free."

"excellent ... the 'alien thought experiment' the first step in achieveing an open mind ;)"

"This video really opened up my mind and hopefully others about how often we don't even think about such things... Mindlessly being controlled... By who? By what? Why?..."

"1 dislike? How's that possible! He must have sneezed and hit the wrong button :}"

"wow. that is all i can say~ wow. :o( ok~ one more thing~ RON PAUL 2012!"

"Rothbard, Molinari, Spooner, and many others are smiling right now."

"Priceless. This video exposes the brainwashed, dumbed down lunacy of the public and its absurd thinking when it comes to government. The arguments used by the 'human' are terrifyingly familiar. You see them every day in the articles and comments of the newspapers. I put 'human' in single quotes because no true human being believes what the character on the right is saying. Graham Wright, you are a talented true human!"

"Great video! The socratic method ftw."

"Fantastic work Graham! I was at that conference in 2011 and found Larken's presentation to be an very well done example of dialectic to explain the fiction that is government."


Selected comments from elsewhere on the web:

"Great video! It really connects to the reality nowdays. Love the alien!"

"The Alien is obviously an Anarcho-Capitalist... I bet he reads Mises too."

"Astounding! Great work!"

"Your video was amazing! So many great topics were discussed, and I see room for tons more development.  Once again, this video is fantastic! Superb!"

"That was awesome. Definitely a good perspective on the whole situation.  And when the aliens do land, I hope some of them talk in a British accent."

"That is a brilliant video. Well worth the entire watch. It's nice to see things from a different perspective like that."

"That was a very entertaining watch.  Thanks for sharing!"

"sendin this vid to everyone i know, nice post!"

"funny on a douglas adams level "

"This video is brilliant in its simplicity."

"LOLz + cry"

"Great vid. And 100% bang on."

"I thought this was f***ing genius."

"I've watched and laughed about 3 times... the alien is appealing to an enlightened sense of ethics and morality, and finds it perplexing that the practicalities don't really follow from stated premises... The alien is a practical guy. But, he's dealing with primitives, and zeros in on contradictions that go wholly unanswered or resolved. "

"This video is really a dead-on accurate (and humorously presented) explanation of the current conditioning we live with and live under. "

"what a fantastic video... it is funny, though at the same time serious, great animations too...and i think the alien is great...and thinks about what he says...shame the man didnt... twittered, facebooked & liked woo yeah"

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