Thursday, 9 September 2010

The 'Find Your Philosophy' Quiz

I just completed the 'Find Your Philosophy' quiz over at the Center for a Stateless Society.

Here are my results:

The best thing about this quiz is that is has a paradigm for anarchist-statist.  This is the most important paradigm of these five.  Fortunately, I got 100% anarchist.

My high scores as an anti-militarist and civil libertarian are not surprising (the surprising thing is that I did not get 100%!). 

I really have no idea what an "economic leftist" is.  Economics is a value-free science; there is no left and right in economics, only correct and incorrect.  Perhaps it refers to government policies with regard to the economy, but then how have I not come out as a radical?! 

No quiz like this can be perfect.  I am particularly surprised to learn that my socio-cultural views are extreme liberal.  I guess this is because I couldn't care less what race, gender or ethnicity the spouses of my children are...

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